Look, Rita Ora’s ‘Anywhere’ Deserves Our Respect

Rita Ora’s having her very own ‘Run Away With Me’ moment.

Rita Sahatçiu Ora, the Albanian singer-actress-athleisure model whom you and I know best for appearing in Madonna‘s “Bitch I’m Madonna” video, her legitimately incredible “I Will Never Let You Down” with ex Calvin Harris and the Sia-penned “Radioactive,” and her 90-second cameo in Fifty Shades of Grey, has a new song out.

It’s called “Anywhere.”

Despite all the “Who is Rita Ora?” jokes and shade the Internet has to offer, let’s lean in on Joanne‘s #PromoteOnlineKindness movement instead: the song is a Certified Bop®, objectively and undeniably so.

In fact, it’s kind of Rita’s very own “Run Away With Me.”

Don’t come for me yet, Gay Twitter. Think about it! (Well, listen to it and watch the video first.)

Lyrically and visually, “Anywhere” is all sorts of Carly Rae Jepselegend.

Just take me anywhere, take me anywhere, anywhere away with you…

And the Declan Whitebloom-directed music video, in which she’s twirling ’round New York City like a love-drunk loon in nine different high fashion lewks? You could easily craft a mash-up with Carly’s own hand-holding, karaoke-crooning blissful sprint across the world.

Musically, “Anywhere” doesn’t quite sound like “Run Away With Me.” (#NeedsMoreSax.) Or…does it?

Co-written with Andrew Watt, the 27-year-old songwriter having a major moment with Camila Cabello‘s “Havana” and Selena Gomez and Kygo‘s “It Ain’t Me” among others, the track is, at least, similar in its earnest, escapist, us-against-the-world execution, from its dreamy guitar-led verses to that thoroughly modern, propulsive beat drop in the chorus.

That beat drop, by the way, which is usually the most eye roll-inducing part of any post-“Closer” pop production, is actually one of the song’s best features. Why? Perhaps because it’s not trying to be a Chainsmokers bite. It’s almost Robyn, if anything. Then again, I’m forever a sucker for stuttering vocals.

Good luck trying to sing along, though.

If the song and the video aren’t selling you yet, consider the live experience: solid vocals, floor projections and twirls galore.

In this political climate, in this bleak time for pop, who doesn’t see themselves benefiting mentally and spiritually from adopting a starry-eyed anthem dedicated to dropping what you’re doing and running far, far away as their personal mantra?

“I was in a routine, working every day, and found myself day dreaming about breaking out of the city and going on a road trip with my friends and never looking back,” Rita said of co-penning the song in LA earlier this year.

The choice is an obvious one: let’s all run away with Rita.

“Anywhere” was released on October 19. (iTunes / Spotify)

Photo credit: Angie Bambii

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