‘Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me’: Terror Jr Returns to Reject the Old Guard

Terror Jr are back after their journey through ‘Bop City’ – and they’re stepping out in front of the camera for the first time.

All these shitty people made it past the gates, so you can keep your faith…

Terror Jr – the “3 Strikes” squad (my favorite song of 2016!), originally thought to be a side project between lip kit purveyor Kylie Jenner and mystery bop masters in a rumor that has long since been debunked – is back.

The group’s always struck a chord with me – a relatable and depressing one, that is.

Armed with a frustrated, fuck-it attitude, vocoders and chilly finger-snapping beats, Terror Jr are both soberingly aware of the fuckery of the World In Which We Live Today, tackling themes like injustice, intolerance and insecurity, and entirely sky high, numbing the pain and escaping on substances aplenty.

It’s a bummer, but their sound couldn’t be more representative of the somber state of things in 2018.

Following the release of the third collection in their Bop City trilogy last year, as well as the departure of Felix Snow, the group’s down to just a duo, made up of Lisa Terror and David Singer-Vine. And this time, they’re serving face, stepping in front of the camera for the first time in a tense, unsettling Millicent Hailes-directed visual.

But before that, the song.

“Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me” finds Lisa surveying the landscape and rejecting the invite to the pearly gates.

If there’s people you’ve gotta hate for / Loving what they made for, loving who they came for / Where crooked saints get the big reward / No, Heaven wasn’t made for me,” Lisa declares.

In these depressing times, with all these fake virtuous politicians and morally bankrupt religious leaders preaching hatred, “Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me” plays like a formal rejection of the old guard. Because if that kind of behavior warrants an invite inside the gates, then you can keep Heaven for yourself.

Back to the music video: Lisa’s evidently a heretic – and she’s also not your bitch.

Despite the dire hostage situation at hand, scare tactics don’t shake her. A Bible verse echoes damningly in the background: “A woman must learn in quietness and full submissiveness.” She stares, unfazed. Accordingly, she’s burnt at the stake (err, chair) until nothing’s left…except grapes, of course – the group’s choice emoji/#brand.

“Don’t forget to question everything,” the group said in providing context for the song.

As a wise Icelandic poet once said: declare independence – don’t let them do that to you.

“Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me” was released on July 13. (iTunes)

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