Janet Jackson Black Diamond Tour Album

‘Black Diamond’: Janet Jackson Is Releasing a New Album & Going on Tour

Don’t you know? Black diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

As if we needed further evidence that our Queens of Pop are coming back strong in 2020, Janet Jackson is officially hitting the road – and she’s bringing an entire new body of work along for the ride.

The “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” icon announced on Monday (February 10) that she’s releasing a brand new album this year, called Black Diamond.

“Hey U Guys! I’ve heard all your wishes and now from my lips to your ears. I’m working on my new album and going on a brand new World Tour this summer! Both titled ✨ “Black Diamond”. ✨Black Diamonds are the toughest of all the diamonds, the hardest to cut. I see that as the hardest to hurt or destroy. There is a lot that I have endured. I see myself as a Black Diamond in its purest form. I’m a rock, I have ruff edges but I keep moving forward. I want to show you my strength as well as give you strength. I love u guys so much and I’m #SoExcited to share this new era with you. See u soon! #BlackDiamond 🖤💎😘,” she wrote on her Instagram.

We love an album concept. ♦️ (Also, can we take a moment to appreciate that she intentionally made a “So Excited” REFERENCE?)

The tour kicks off in Miami this June, and promises to be “an all-new production featuring new music from her highly anticipated, forthcoming album Black Diamond, set for release this year. Performing songs from her 12 multi-platinum albums including a special performance of Rhythm Nation 1814, which recently marked its 30th anniversary.” (I have no idea what that last part means, but start practicing the “Rhythm Nation” routine, regardless.) And don’t worry, Europe and the rest of the world: more dates will be announced “soon,” according to the press release. Click here for all the ticket info.

This news is, of course, incredibly exciting – and somewhat surprising. Her wise, worldly and introspective 2015 studio album Unbreakable felt a bit like the sound of closure. And then, after 2018’s joyous, world music-inspired “Made For Now,” the promise of a new Janet record suddenly reignited, only to slowly start to fizzle out again. It’s nice to know that it’s all just been coming together slowly in the background, resulting in a rare and shiny final product at last.

What to expect? Who knows! More Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, hopefully/presumably. The only thing that comes to mind after this announcement is, of course, her No. 5 1987 hit “Diamonds” with Herb Alpert, Jam & Lewis, and Lisa Keith, which is basically peak Control-era brilliance, despite it not actually being on her album.

I’ll catch you all out on the road with Janet – sorry, Miss Jackson, if-ya-nasty – this summer. Shine bright like a (black) diamond…

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