BLACKPINK? In our area? It’s more likely than you think.

The global chart-dominating, record-breaking, ddu-du ddu-duing titans of South Korean girl group pop are promptly returning to us with a follow-up to their summer smash “How You Like That” later this month, and on Monday night (August 3), the girls revealed the release date: August 28.

The only catch? We’ve still got no clue who’s featured on the song.

Granted, there’ve been some loud rumblings: in late July, MyDaily reported that Selena Gomez is the artist featured on the song. The speculation and panic got so loud that YG Entertainment immediately issued a very intriguing, “not no”-style statement: “Please wait for the official announcement later.”

Prior to the report, BLINKs generally decided that the feature was Ariana Grande, especially given a shared producer and Ari’s previous social media stanning. There was also some speculation about Doja Cat due to the “Say So”-style artwork, and I’m still holding out some hope that it’s Lady Gaga returning the “Sour Candy” favor with a Reverse Chromatica Warholian Expedition. (What’s the inverse of “Sour Candy”? We want “Sweet Cardboard”!)

There’s even more excitement to come, because the girls also just announced that they’re dropping their long, long, long delayed debut LP later this year – and it’s called The Album, in case there was any confusion.

Who are you placing your bets on, BLINKs?

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