Pop divas: They’re just like us.

And sometimes, when our faves are feeling especially miffed (or, in the case of Cher, just genuinely baffled by the words coming at her through the magical telephone), they’re not afraid to grab their phones and air their grievances on a public platform: Whether it’s Rihanna and Ciara duking it out over their stage skills or Lady Gaga coming for Katy Perry‘s all-too-familiar aesthetic, sometimes a girl’s just gotta throw digital elbows…much to our delight. And so, in celebration of some of the greatest 140-character-or-less social media side-eyes, I’ve decided to launch a special limited edition collection of designs called “SHADE,” created with London-based illustrator, Matt Skingsley. Head on over to the MuuMuse society6 store to see the three original designs (RIH, WTF and GAGS), where you can order T-shirts, phone cases — even canvas prints.


And for more from Matt, check him out at ARTBYSKINGS.