She’s No Angel: Interview with…Wynter Gordon!

People steal your music and post it online after working for days to record and write a song. It sucks.

As anyone who’s been reading MuuMuse knows by now, Wynter Gordon is one of the most anticipated artists on the brink of breaking out onto the music scene.

As a songwriter, she’s already worked to pen tracks for artists like Jennifer Lopez (“What is Love?”), Mary J. Blige (“Gonna Breakthrough”), and Danity Kane (“Two of You”). As an artist, she’s been featured on David Guetta‘s sensational “Toyfriend” and Flo Rida‘s summer smash of 2009, “Sugar.”

Currently however, the singer is preparing the release of her own debut album, which will (hopefully) see the light of day later this year. Her debut single from the collection, “Dirty Talk,” is a filthy, speaker-throbbing affair that’s already won the hearts of plenty of muusers here at MuuMuse.

Last week, I got the opportunity to chat with the rising star a few days ago. Check out what she had to say below!

One of the reasons I first heard of you was through your writing credits on tracks for artists like Danity Kane and Jennifer Lopez. How did you first break into songwriting?

Writing was always an escape from the bad things in life when I was a kid, but on a professional level, it started with a chance placing on Mary J. Blige‘s breakthrough album.

What made you decide to want to come out as your own artist rather than staying a songwriter?

I always wanted to be a performer. That was my dream job. Even as I youngster, I knew it. I was just discovered for my writing first.

Then there was “Sugar,” a track that you co-wrote with Flo-Rida that ended up topping the Hot 100 charts last year. I’m sure that was quite a surprise! What was the experience like on being part of a track that grew popular on such a major level?

Well, I didn’t write that hook–the Jackie Boys did, but it was a great opportunity to perform on American Idol, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and MTV’s Spring Break. That’s the kinda stuff artists live for. I always imagine myself hosting and performing on SNL (That’s coming…I claim it. Yup!) My first trip to France was with Flo. We did this huge festival and I got to feel the energy of having so many people push so much good energy at once. It was a great taste in my mouth–pause. LOL.

There have been lots and lots of leaks and mix-tapes with your name on them in the past three years. How do you feel about that?

I disdain leaks. It’s wrong. People steal your music and post it online after working for days to record and write a song. It sucks. Writers lose a lot of placements that way, and it’s how we pay the rent. People just don’t get it.

Was anything official, meant strictly for buzz, or has it all just slipped through the cracks by accident?

What’s been on my MySpace has been the only authorized music. Oh yeah, and my mixtape, Static Revenger vs. Wynter.

Has anything that leaked made it to the final track listing, or is it still being decided?

I have so many songs. Whew…it’ll be a sad day when we choose. Too many good ones wont be heard.

Now we have your first official single, “Dirty Talk,” which has been firmly cemented as one of the MuuMuse Approved Summer Jams for 2010. it’s quite naughty, like a frantic “Erotica”-inspired dance-a-thon. What inspired the number?

My girlfriend (writer Nicole Morier) and I were sitting in the studio and on came this track. I immediately came up with the hook, melody, and some words, and from there it was this huge joke. We started playing around with dirty words and didn’t know many off the top of our heads, so we used the sex dictionary. It was us girls laughing and really not being too serious. We didn’t think much of it, but the label loved it…and the rest is history.

Do you plan to shoot a video for the track?

I’m hoping so. It would be nice to have a visual.

There’s also “Toyfriend,” your ridiculously brilliant track for David Guetta’s One Love album. Are there any plans to release the song as a single? It’s honestly one of my favorites from the record.

You gotta ask David–it’s his album. I’m just the messenger.

You’ve also been touring clubs like crazy. What do you like most about performing?

It’s the rush of adrenaline, the smiles, the drunk people in the crowd that live just for me during my 15-minute set. It doesn’t get any better than that.

What are your performances like for those of us who haven’t yet had a chance to see you?

They’re bare, raw…me in my most basic form, although they’re also sparkly, energetic, and always surprising as to how much I actually do sing. LOL.

Your fans have been waiting for an album for years now. When can they finally expect a release?

I say the more we all pray for it together, the sooner that day will come. I’m hoping for fall.

You’ve been working with lots and lots of different artists and producers. Who have you enlisted to produce the album?

I’ve worked with everybody! Too many names, but I’ll tell you a writer that inspired my soul: His name is Nick Littlemore.

Did you write/co-write all of the tracks, or did you also use some songs that were contributed to you by other writers or artists?

I wrote some, I had my writer friends come in on some, and yes, I’ve accepted songs that I felt I had a connection to.

Have you settled on a title? If so, what is it–and what’s the significance behind it?

With the Music I Die. I feel like being able to sing or do music in reality is a super power–a gift. I was chosen at conception to have this gift by God himself and I will not squander his gift. I will put it to good use until death.

What sort of music will be hearing? Obviously “Dirty Talk” and “Toyfriend” suggest a dance vibe at the moment, but will the rest of the album follow in the same path?

The album is quite different. “Dirty Talk” is a one-of-a-kind track on the album. The rest is more vocal driven and outrageous.

What kind of music and which artists are inspiring you and your sound at the moment?

I love indie dance: Empire of the Sun, MGMT, Ellie Goulding. I also am heavy into folk and country music.

What’s next up for Wynter Gordon right now in the next coming days and weeks?

Performing, recording, and hopefully I’ll win the lottery.

Do you have anything to say to your many fans here at MuuMuse?

Thank you guys for being interested and supporting me, and letting me use my gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

That’s all I’ve got for now, Wynter. I’m ridiculously excited to hear what else you’ve got in store for us because I do believe you’re on the brink of breaking out immensely. I wish you all the best, and hope to speak to you very, very soon!

All promotional photos courtesy of Big Beat/Atlantic Records.

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