You Color Me Gold: The MuuMuse “Cupid Boy” Tee


Alright, so my latest Twitter avatar seems to have stirred up some general interest (WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE NOT FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER ALREADY), so I thought I’d just do a proper post.

THIS is me (the Muuser), posing sexily in my new “CUPID BOY” tee, which was inspired by one of my favorite cuts off of Kylie Minogue‘s flawless new album, Aphrodite.

The shirt was created by my lovely and talented friend, Jonny of While making it, Jonny also filmed a video tutorial outlining the process, which you can view right here. Supa kawaiiii.

I recommend everyone to check out the tee designs in his shop–they’re adorable, and most of them are music related. Go on and get some!

This shirt follows in line as the second “BOY” tee of the year, after having already made myself a Riri-inspired “RUDE BOY” tee a few months ago. (A smashing success, I might add.)

With any luck, Kylie will now whisk me away with her on the Aphrodite tour next year merely because she’s so smitten with the tee idea. I CAN DREAM.

That is all. I thank you.

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