Frederic Riviere, otherwise known as Anoraak, is a French “producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist.”

While his biography includes the phrases “indebted to Italo disco” and “M83 on Ecstasy,” it wasn’t until I saw the words “featuring Sally Shapiro” that I was sold.

Click below to stream “Don’t Be Afraid (feat. Sally Shapiro),” an album track from Anoraak’s upcoming debut.

As one might imagine, the track shimmers with Shapiro’s icy, wafer-thin delivery, complimented and made all the better by Anorak’s sun soaked, ’80’s-inspired synth production.

All together, it’s one glorious moment of Italo-disco revivalism.

Anoraak’s debut, Wherever the Sun Sets, will be released in stores on October 26 (and is available now on iTunes).