After taking us on a stroll through Dita Von Teese‘s dirty mind on the ever-brilliant “Disintegration” back in January, Monarchy returns this month with an unexpected treat.

You and I, we were born to die—and evidently, so was Monarchy: The British electronic duo just put a twinkling spin on Queen Lana Del Rey‘s debut single “Video Games,” featuring Monarchy’s own Ra Black on vocals and the band’s 2010 track “The Phoenix Alive” as the backing music.

The result? Lana’s heaven-sent lyricism re-imagined in male form, all set atop springy, space-age production.

Somewhere in the universe, Miss Rey is listening to this and having herself a slow twirl, closing her eyes and hugging herself while dreaming of a summertime getaway to the Hamptons in a Bugatti Veyron with her bad baby by her heavenly side. Maybe, just maybe, she won’t feel so alone this Friday night.

“Disintegration” was released on January 14. (iTunes)