That Mandler‘s gone and done it again: The director and longtime collaborator for Rihanna (“Unfaithful”; “Disturbia”; “Russian Roulette”) has added yet another solid production to the ever-expanding RiRepetoire.

Although the song’s pumping Euro-beats might have suggested we’d be getting something with a bit more of a crunch, it’s so nice to watch the pop princess get all cutesy with herself. After all, she’s such a fuckin’ lady.

Instead, the video for “Only Girl (In The World)” shines in its simplicity. Thanks to the warm, muted color palette that’s come to define Mandler’s work, RiRi blossoms amongst the flowers and leaves, bringing to mind the nature-inspired album art for Goldfrapp‘s Seventh Tree campaign.

Aside from the video’s stunning photo-finish complete with fireworks and lanterns (a bit of a Kelis nod, yes?), the best moment comes ’round the 2:15 mark, where the singer lets loose on top of a mountain ledge and howls the song’s almighty chorus into the wind. Simple, gorgeous, effective…