Photo credit: Jonny Wright.

After the smashing success of her dub-tastic debut “Katy On A Mission” and the equally infectious early ’90’s House melodies of “Lights On (feat. Ms. Dynamite),” British dubstep princess Katy B is back with her third single (and arguably the best one yet): “Broken Record.”

The track, which precedes the release of Katy’s debut album On A Mission on April 4, is an incredibly sexy mix of grime-inspired UK garage beats and scorching, modern electronica that finds the British dubstep princess pleading for her love to stay.

“And I know that we make our mistakes, but you’re holding every breath I take,” Katy croons over the track’s skittering chorus.

Soulful like a Sugababes track and every ounce as fresh as any other grime/dubstep track on the club scene right now, “Broken Record” is a stunning mixture of lush coos and funky fresh beats that only grows better with each replay.

Best of all is at the 2:45 mark, when the song bursts into its chant-heavy finish: “Like a broken record, like a broken record…” Katy B croons on repeat above the song’s massive break beat, like the drum-and-bass response to Robyn‘s “With Every Heartbeat” finale.

If her past two singles managed to hit the Top 5 on the UK Singles Chart, “Broken Record” should have no problem rocketing straight to the top as well.

I absolutely cannot stop playing this one–it’s everything I ever needed and more!

“Broken Record” will be released on March 27. (iTunes UK)