Hey, remember that time Róisín Murphy released the Paris Is Burning-inspired lead single from her first album in over seven years and it turned out to be kind of a snooze?

Well, not to worry: There’s a remedy for that.

The disco-pop singer-songwriter’s gone and linked up once again with Sheffield-based DJ Parrot  for a one-off single that, erm, won’t be featured on her upcoming album Hairless Toys. (It’s not? Well, of course it’s not! Why would a great club collaboration on her album? Le sigh…)

The singer popped into Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show to debut the song and discuss her return to music, as well as working once again with Parrot, who she previously collaborated with on Overpowered and the incredibly sexy single from a few years ago, “Simulation.” Remember that gem?

Like “Simulation,” the song is a stretched out dance floor epic, expanding for nearly eight minutes a steady building pulse and flares of classic ’70’s disco. “I’m not the jealous kind, oh no…I’m not the jealous type!” she yelps before an endless loop comes in (“jealousy…jealousy…”), growing into a fever pitch. “This is fast and furious; he says it’s roller-disco music. The backing track sounded so frantic, the lyric wasn’t long coming to me. So I just tried to create a vocal as demented as the music,” Róisín explained of her newest creation.

While “Jealousy” isn’t any more radio-friendly than “Gone Fishing,” it’s certainly a more Róisín-esque return to form.

“Jealousy” will be released on March 16. (iTunes)