Noted scholar Beyoncé Giselle Knowles once famously posed the question: “Who run the world?” The answer according to many–including Doctor Rosen Rosen–remains loud and clear: GIRLS.

The up-and-coming writer, producer and remix extraordinaire (a prominent feature within such official remix packages as Lady Gaga‘s “Telephone” and Natalia Kills‘ “Mirrors”) is now set to prescribe his debut EP to the masses: GIRLS: VOLUME 1.

Containing four songs, the good doctor’s first-ever compilation benefits from a vocal assist from four of pop’s most promising bubbling-under females, including 3 single-monikered songstresses: Meg, Kay and Anjulie.

Kicking off the collection, however, is “Five O’Clock,” a collaboration with mannequin-minded, leotard-loving L.A. songstress, Jessie And The Toy Boys. (She’s certainly been seeing a lot of love ’round these parts lately, eh?)

Regarding the record, Doctor Rosen Rosen had this to say about his time spent recording with Miss Toy Boys:

Around that time, I was listening to a lot of the 80s girls groups that were produced by Prince (Vanity 6, Sheila E, Appolonia), which inspired the punchy Linndrum-sample-heavy beat of the song. A day before our session, I started the track and came up with the pre-chorus “Hello Hello Hello.” I was nervous to show her the idea because she was one of the first artists I worked with in Los Angeles, but she was in to it and we quickly wrote the rest of the song together. One of the things I love about working with Jessie, is that her lyrics always engaging and paint a vivid story… in this case “you’ve got till five o’clock to get your shit out.

Five O’Clock (feat. Jessie & The Toy Boys) by DOCTOR ROSEN ROSEN

The song is a slap-happy bout of tongue-twisting, fire-spitting lyrical jabs and hyper-speed space-pop, crossing together the bouncy ’80’s funk-lust of Vanity 6 and the rowdy grrrl rebellion of Le Tigre. “I don’t want to be a hater, but you ain’t a pro skater / But you’re a bus boy at Denny’s, you’re not even a waiter.” BURN.

Best of all? You can snag the song above entirely for free!

The full tracklisting for GIRLS: VOLUME 1 is as follows:

1. “Five O’ Clock” ft. Jessie & The Toy Boys
2. “Adelaide” ft. Meg”
3. “Hot” – ft. Kay
4. “Wait” ft. Anjulie

And, if you’re impatient/curious/bored, you can view a rather kewl video of the Doctor spinning a hot pink vinyl of the collection, featuring a few seconds from each individual track. Sounds promising!

Liking the idea so far? Well, good: Doctor Rosen Rosen plans to carry on with this kind of release all the way through to sometime next year, with Volume 2 expected to hit in November, Volume 3 in February, and Volume 4 due out around next May.


Girls: Volume 1 will be released on August 15. (Official Website)