It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from X Factor alum Diana Vickers, and now we know why: She’s been busy making music to make the boys cry!

After unleashing her gorgeous, incredibly solid debut Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree back in May of 2010 (which spawned such major MuuMuse Approved tracks as “Once” and “The Boy Who Murdered Love”), the singer has returned with a brand new beat: “Music To Make The Boys Cry,” which has just appeared on Vickers’ newly redesigned website.

“Tonight my feet are moving to a different beat/It’s alright, I’ve always liked my romance bittersweet/It’s what I need,” Vickers sings above the twinkling, ’80’s-lite mid-tempo beat.

The lyrics are as strong as ever (she’s always got that slightly unexpected dark edge in her songs, no?) and the synth-pop production is all very dazzling and darling, although I’m not sure “Music To Make The Boys Cry” is quite as punchy or compelling as the lead singles from her debut. But then, that’s why the ‘buzz track’ was born in the first place, no? It’s just a taste!

So far so good. We’re all happy you’re back–now bring on the new album, Mizz Vickers!

Music To Make The Boys Cry by mdstmgmt

“Music To Make The Boys Cry” can be downloaded for free at Vickers’ official website.

Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree was released in May of 2010. (iTunes)