Sevyn Streeter HMU

“HMU”: Sevyn Streeter Returns With Some Sexy, Conflicted Feelings

Hey. U up?

Sevyn Streeter is right up my street, and has stayed there ever since 2013’s standout “It Won’t Stop.” Scratch that: since her RichGirl days. He ain’t wit me now (tho), nor is she with that group anymore, so.

Sevyn’s not only an accomplished artist in her own right, but a superstar songwriter: she co-penned Ariana Grande‘s “The Way,” Chris Brown‘s “Yeah 3x,” Tamar Braxton‘s “All the Way Home” – the list goes on and on.

As she prepares her sophomore record due out in October, the follow-up to 2017’s Girl Disrupted, Sevyn just dropped her sexy new single “HMU” on Friday (September 18) – an ode to that “u up?” 3 AM text that, inevitably, comes with some extra baggage once at least one party starts catching feelings.

This ain’t love, keep it cool / This ain’t love, you know what’s up,” she croons across the hi-hats and tripping beats in the catchy chorus. Only problem is: does she know what’s up?

Co-produced with Smash David, the ode to late night linking features plenty of emotional turmoil (“You tell me no excuse ’cause I’m losin’ patience / You got my mind in two different places“), supplying equal parts sexual and emotional tension.

I was ’bout my business…until my heart fell in it,” Sevyn confesses on the smooth bop, which carries an underlying sense of melancholy.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to that late night ride to and/or from that hook up’s place. This ain’t love, though…right?

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