Win A Signed Copy of Cassie’s “King of Hearts” Single! (Giveaway)

Enter to win a signed copy of Cassie’s “King of Hearts” CD single!

Yesterday, I spoke with the inimitable Icy R&B princess, Bad Boy songstress and all around chic chanteuse, Cassie.

We gabbed about her upcoming music, the video for “King of Hearts” (and my .GIF wall post about it, which she called “amazing”), who she’s been recording with in the studio, her personal style, and Paris Fashion Week. I also geeked out a bit about “Skydiver” because, well, that’s how I roll. Watch for that to hit around Monday!

Until then, I’ve got a rather exciting contest to announce: In honor of the release of “King of Hearts” on February 14…

MuuMuse is proud to be giving away
a signed copy of Cassie’s “King Of Hearts.”

Yes, signed! Graced by Queen Cassie’s presence! Penned to perfection by the “Me & U” princess!

To enter to win, simply tag yourself OR comment on this post over at the MuuMuse Facebook page. One winner will be randomly selected and notified on Friday, March 9. US entries only, please!

Good luck! And now, let’s make your computer screen sizzle one more time…

“King of Hearts” was released on February 14. (iTunes)

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