And now, a taste of what’s to come from Sky Ferreira‘s ridiculously anticipated debut studio LP, Wild At Heart: “Lost In My Bedroom.”

I wasn’t going to post this one at first since it’s a leaked demo of an album track and I wouldn’t want to contribute in spilling the goods early, but since Mizz Ferreira herself put it onto YouTube post-leak, I figured I’m in the clear.

From Sky’s Twitter:

Lost In My Bedroom is the most electro pop on the album & no,it’s not the first song I’m releasing. & it’s not finished AND Red Lips video is getting shot in LA with _____T in two weeks #McKenna

With its gritty industrial synthesizers and echo-y vocals, “Lost In My Bedroom” most immediately brings Goldfrapp‘s filthier offerings to mind (“Strict Machine”), while the twinkling, tranced-out chorus (and the briefly giddy ’80’s beat breakdown on the bridge) is like a gloomier Body Talk-era Robyn. It’s honestly incredible.

As with “One,” Sky’s dreamy vocals set the song ten rungs above your usual synth-pop riffraff. There’s something undeniably arresting about the way she croons: “It’s just what I imagined, it’s just what I imagined…” You said it, Sky.

Now remember: This one’s still a demo, so don’t get too, too attached just yet.

In the meantime, brace yourselves: “Red Lips” is coming.

Wild At Heart will be released in 2012. (iTunes)