The Spice Girls Take Over The World Once Again at the Olympic Closing Ceremony

Redefining the word “flawless” since 1996.


16 years after releasing their debut single in the UK, the Spice Girls climbed right back on top of the world one more (final?) time tonight–during the most-watched event in television history, no less: The 2012 Olympics.

Nearly two hours into the Olympic Closing Ceremony earlier this evening in London–which included incredible performances by the Emeli Sandé, the Pet Shop Boys (serving conehead realness), Annie Lennox (serving fierce gothic pirate wench realness), Emeli Sandé again, George Michael (serving “Yay, he’s performing “Freedom”! OH GOD, AND THAT NEW SINGLE, MAKE IT STOP” realness), Jessie J, plus a performance or two by Jessie J–the super group that the entire world was waiting for took to the stage: Tinie Tempah, Taio Cruz, and Jessie J.

No. Ha! Just kidding, that was completely insufferable. A few more minutes later, and the real super group finally arrived: The (re-)return of the Spice Girls. And all of a sudden, every single person’s life was spiced up all over again.

As promised from the rehearsal photos, the girls–well, women–hopped out of their custom-lit black taxis to perform the two biggest hits of their career: “Wannabe” and “Spice Up Your Life.”

First of all, how stunning did they look? Genuinely, they’re all still in top pop star form. The fashion was a perfect 2012 upgrade to their 1996 style: Emma sizzled in pink, Mel C was belting her butt off in a swishy white thing, and Mel B was lookin’ bangin in sparkles–those boobies might as well be considered members #6 and #7! And how cute was GERI? She was flailing around like a 5-year-old the entire time! (Some things never change.)

And of course, the ever-icy, ever-ferocious Mizz Posh. My favorite, forever. Dancing? Please. That’s for poor people.

The slight tweaks to the music were excellent as well (a little dubstep-ish break in “Wannabe” toward the end!), but most importantly: The sheer JOY of it all! All smiles, all celebration, all girl power. It was pure nostalgia overland, and a reminder of what POP is truly about. You know…fun.

And yes, the performance was far too short. It figures: In true Spice Girls style–whether at the height of their career nearly two decades ago or right in the middle of their reunion tour four years ago–they went out while they were still on top.

There are few truly flaw-free acts in pop music (when I say “flaw-free,” I’m speaking in the completely non-ironic, genuine sense, as opposed to the completely ironic Heidi Montag sense), but the Spice Girls are one of them. I can’t help but get a bit gushy about all this…there might have been a tear or two welling up during the performance! It was simply that amazing.

Even if this really is the last time they ever perform together (stop right now, thank you very much, Posh), the fact they’ve regrouped for one last time as the headlining act of the closing ceremony of the Olympics in London? It doesn’t get more perfect than that, really.

Geri, Mel B, Emma, Mel C, Victoria…thank you. We love you.


GIFs courtesy of the amazing Mr. T. Kyle at RealityTVGIFs.



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