Dua Lipa is absolutely electric at the moment. (Duracell’s got nothing on her, if you will.)

Following the thrilling news that she’ll be re-releasing her debut self-titled album and DUA-DU DDU-DUing a collaboration with The Revolution themselves, BLACKPINK, the 23-year-old skyrocketing superstar’s gone and done another big ol’ collaboration, inspired by Chicago house classics, with Diplo and Mark Ronson, together known as Silk City.

“Electricity” is an exciting end-of-summer/early fall entry on the dance floor for multiple reasons: not only is it a no-brainer for the clubs from the first play, but there are plenty of personal favorites involved in the project, including Queen Diana Gordon (the artist formerly known as Wynter Gordon) supplying those melodies and The xx frontwoman Romy Madley-Croft providing lyrics.

The accompanying music video is essentially answers the age-old question: what would Maddie Ziegler do about ten years from now in a blackout situation? The answer, of course, is dance. Zanily and sexily.

Dua looks dumb hot getting her “Chandelier”/“Anna Wintour”/“The Pleasure Principle” on in this video, both in the sense of being attractive and also quite literally burning up from the skyrocketing temperature without a functioning AC, which, relatable. That sweaty bod-eh and sex hair is a moment, especially.

“Electricity” is pure, plain and simple dance floor joyousness, reminding us all that in times of trouble, some house piano chords and a deep-voiced diva is really all you need to escape. (But seriously, someone should really help get Diplo and Mark out of that elevator at some point.)

“Electricity” was released on September 6. (iTunes)

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Photo credit: Bradley&Pablo / Columbia Records