Daily B: Britney Goes Gangnam Style with Ellen and Psy, Then Has A Kiki With…Me

Well, the last 24 hours have been a blur (reference!), to say the absolute least.

As the X Factor premiere inches closer still (tomorrow!), Promoney has been hitting up just about every TV venue possible, chatting with radio stations, Extra, E! News, Fox News (check out all the clips over at BreatheHeavy), and just yesterday (reference), she took to the couch on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Serving Kawaiiney-meets-RNCney realness, Godney chatted (very briefly) with Ellen and Simon before being surprised by K-Pop sensation Psy, scooting over on stage to learn the moves to his crossover smash, “Gangnam Style.” Obviously, the Queen slayed the basic choreography in stilettos and left us all gagging for more. (MOAH!)

After that mess of adorab-awkwardness, the Queen sat down for a brief Spreecast chat with fans. Actually, she tried to do it before the show even started taping, but she ended up breaking the entire site–THE POWER OF BRITNEY.

I, as everyone eventually found out, was one of the lucky fans to be selected to ask a question on-camera with Britney in advance. When the taping was initially canceled due to the technical issues, I was just getting ready to swallow a cyanide pill and cradle my The Singles Collection box to eternal sleep. Mercifully, she returned in time.

Before I knew what was even happening, I was already onscreen. Naturally, I was all sorts of awkward (forgot to namedrop MuuMuse) and nervous (forgot to demand “Rebellion” be released) and hay-zay (forgot to ask if she’s been rocking the spots), but I managed to bare my soul for a moment and thank Britney for inspiring me and for being a beautiful person (she thanked me!) I touched under my eye for a hot second because of a semi-tear forming (cue the flood of “OMG @MUUMUSE IS CRYING” tweets that happened at that exact moment), and then I asked my question:

“Have you started to think about the sound or style of your upcoming eighth studio album?”

And after a beat, she spoke directly to me: “Not yet.”

AND SO IT WAS SAID. The only thing said, for that matter. That was that. After a “No?” and an awkward giggle on my part, Larry began chatting me up about the weather (which was, in fact, even more Awkwardney.) I promptly thanked Britney and ran away from my computer to shake and cry for the next 12 hours about being in the e-presence of the Spearit, while she went on to answer about two more questions before peacing out.

Would I have liked to hear more from B? Obviously. Was the British “Ta-ta!” walk-off at the end rude? Sort of, but it was also entirely Britney. (Well, Britishney.) But despite some of the comments I’ve seen, I don’t think Britney was being intentionally uptight. It was a somewhat awkward set-up to begin with (she was literally sitting 5,000 miles away on a couch with Jason and Larry), she had just walked in from taping, and this was already a frazzled attempt to re-conduct the chat.

Most of all, there’s the undeniable fact that in the past few years, Britney’s become a woman of (very) few words. We know all her phrases. (Lest we forget, we are a people who actively stan for the phrase “I pass.”) Her anxiety while speaking in public is obvious, and at times, excruciatingly uncomfortable. (Thus, Cuecardney was born!) And despite how much we love and believe in her, there are moments–like last night–that make me genuinely nervous about how the next few months of X Factor will play out on national television. Seeing her light up when the girls strolled into the studio after I signed off was the true highlight–we do just want to see her happy, after all. (EDIT: Also, this photo from the X Factor premiere last night…GAH. My Queen!)

Regardless of the limited interaction, I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to talk to the woman that’s inspired me for nearly 15 years. Plus, I can finally say that my dream has come true: Getting to open for Sophia Grace.

Anyway, here’s my moment of glory in all of its awkwardness and splendor. Viva la Godney.

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