Distant child, my flower…

Each night during her KylieX2008 Tour, Queen Kylie Minogue strolled onto the stage and crooned her unreleased ballad, “Flower.” And now, four years later, the song is seeing the light of day.

For her September surprise in the ongoing K25 celebrations of 2012, Kylie is releasing the Abbey Road Sessions rendition of her previously unreleased track “Flower,” which can be purchased on iTunes (along with the option to pre-order the upcoming orchestral record.) It’s gorgeous, and as I’ve said before, Kylie’s most vulnerable moment in years.

Along with the release of the song, Queen Kylie has also revealed the self-directed video today, which was shot in Cornwall, England.

The black-and-white clip sees our princess strolling through meadows and forests in a flowing white dress, looking contemplative and goddess-like while conjuring the Holy Spearit‘s own baby rumination from 2005. As The Prophet Blog so brilliantly sassed, it might as well be called “Flower (I Will Understand).”

This is all strictly for the fans of course, but beautiful nonetheless.

“Flower” was released on September 25. (iTunes)