Ghost In The Machine

In a word, haunting. Instilling unconventional vocals along with distorted ’80’s power synth sounds, Zeigeist just may be the new “it” group to lead their proudly pop-happy country to the top of the pop charts yet again. Chock full of unforgettable riffs and crisp electro noises from the year 2010, the band’s album The Jade Machine is one long breath of Swedish electro bliss. Though many of the songs featured are undeniably similar to the output of fellow Swedes The Knife (“Dawn Night” is essentially “We Share Our Mother’s Health”), the album retains an originality of its own within its more mainstream, digestable pop-electro sound. Sure, that’s not always a better thing, but it certainly works for them.

There’s even a hint of Goldfrapp hidden beneath the fragmented synthesizer, especially within “The Lake.” “Wrecked Metal” might as well have come directly from the Depeche Mode back catalog, bouncing along with the original synth-band’s familiar air of hopelessness, darkness, and pure sex. “Cuffs” is uncomfortably similar to Kelly Osbourne‘s genius pop-noir hit, “One Word,” but I’ll consider it a posthumous nod to the original. (No, she’s not dead, but that career sure is.) I’m even getting some waves of The Presets every now and then while listening. This is an incredibly promising, incredibly exciting release, and I highly encourage you to check out their MySpace now and order the album. Make sure you check out their pictures as well. I don’t know if they’re promotional or actual lives, but the visuals of their performances seem epic.

It’s quite difficult to track down a proper live, so enjoy this thirty second clip. I’ve no idea what’s happening here (there looks to be some triangle lights, a giant dancing space creature, and Liza Minelli) but it appears they make for a rather good show.

Quirky Beauty

Quirky Beauty

I made a little Muusical faux-pas tonight, mentioning the album but forgetting

Swedish Days

Swedish Days

Swedesplease has just posted a blog about Kiryakin, an up-and-coming Swedish

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