Moments ago, G4L Navy Commander, S&M Enthusiast, and Only Girl in the World Rihanna awoke from her slumber on her California King Bed, rolled over and reached for her iPhone, mulled over a few hashtags and posted the official album cover for her upcoming 347th 7th studio album on Instagram.

Now, I love the photo of Rihanna. She’s giving us a RiRi-fied version of this. She looks gorgeous, perhaps even iconic–shining bright like a diamond, if you will!–but I seriously could do without all that ratchet and/or devil-worshipping scribbling all over her body.

COME. ON. Like, RiRi: Your boob quite literally says “Happy Fearless Chalice.”

Then again, I suppose it’s just the price one pays as the reigning Illuminati High Priestess. Phuck yo New World Order!

RiRi initially tweeted the album cover along with the hashtag #SIDEEFFECTS, which was then quickly deleted. Then, she announced the real, real album title: Unapologetic.

The title is fine (if not entirely representative of the state of RiRi-land at the moment), though I would have preferred something slightly more subtle…like #7NaviRideOrDiePhuckYoKarrueche.

“Diamonds” was released on September 27. (iTunes)