It’s a day that ends in “Y,” which must mean that Lady Gaga has another snippet from her Reverse Warholian Expedition ARTPOP to share with all you Little Scheißes!

After slapping on a ‘stache and premiering her new track “Gypsy” last night (YOU were in my sex dreams!), Sister Swine revealed the Steven Klein-shot single cover(s) (and a snippet!) for “Venus,” her would-have-been second single from the ARTPOP campaign until she decided to DOWUTCHURAHWITMUH BAHHHHHDAY. (Steven Klein, you’ll remember, also directed Gagaloo’s “Alejandro” video — and is responsible for Madonna‘s #secretprojectrevolution, her artsy protest against tyranny, Little Monsters and wearing pants.)


Here she has a scorpion on her head, just like her BFF Marina Abramovic.


Here’s a technicolor bat because ARTPOP.


And here, Lady Gaga is preparing to take an ARTSHOWER, because she is a dirty pony that needs to be hosed down.

The glitchy, thumping track sort of sounds like what David Bowie covering Bananarama‘s “Venus” might sound like. It’s very “’80’s nerd-pop,” a la the verses of “Applause” with a whole lot of random ARTPOP-friendly references like “Rocket Number 9,” “Aphrodite lady seashell bikini,” and, most importantly of all, “garden panty.” Single worthy? Too soon to say, but it’s certainly “weirder” than “Do What U Want” already.

Are you ready to blast off to “Venus” with Mother Monster?

“Do What U Want” was released on October 21. (iTunes)