Tegan & Sara Premiere Amazing New Cut Off ‘Heartthrob’, “I Was A Fool”


Like their synth-tastic lead single “Closer,” the latest cut from Tegan & Sara‘s forthcoming studio record, “I Was A Fool,” sees the talented Canadian duo affixing their earnest vocals to a more–dare I say it–mainstream sound.

But don’t worry, they haven’t ‘sold out,’ loyalists/snobs–they’ve just tightened up the production a smidge. The power-pop ballad sees the sisters trading off vocals atop a gorgeous, piano-led melody, bolstered by a striding pulse and warm, bubbling synth-pop production (is this one of the Greg Kurstin cuts? Certainly sounds like his work). The hooks are just as catchy as ever, but the girls have strayed from the searing guitar licks and crashing drums of their usual fare into more radio-friendly turf.

It makes sense, too, given that the girls were reportedly listening to Katy Perry and Britney Spears while recording Heartthrob, according to an interview for Glamour (“I loved her last record, by the way,” said Tegan of Queen B. Swoon!)

“I stuck around/I did behave, saved you every time/I was a fool for love,” the girls gently coo on repeat on the song’s massively anthemic chorus, packing a wallop of an emotional punch that might as well have been tailored for the soundtrack of a teen ’80’s rom-com (in the best way possible, obviously). Tissues at the ready, please!

It’s an impeccably crafted track–lyrically, vocally, production-ly speaking–and already a standout from the upcoming collection, which is shaping up to be one of their strongest yet. For all the young and foolish lovers out there who’ve ever relished in an imperfect kind of love, this one’s an instant win. (Annie certainly knows a thing or two about that.)

Oh, and if you’d like more insight on the track, watch the two discuss–or rather, bicker–about the song’s meaning. #SiblingProblems!

Heartthrob will be released on January 29. (iTunes)

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