monarchy dita von teese

When it was announced weeks ago that Dita Von Teese would be starring in the clip for “Disintegration,” her musical debut with British electronic duo Monarchy, I already knew we’d be in for a visual treat. And now, it’s finally premiered on Nowness–and it seems we’ve got ourselves a contender for the best video for 2013, already. Really.

The gorgeously shot clip, directed by Roy Raz, follows the burlesque goddess as she plays the role of a dirty-minded 1950’s housewife. Hidden beneath the squeaky-clean suburban life of cooking and cleaning lies something much more sinful–like Pleasantville meets Madonna‘s “Erotica” (and perhaps a bit of The Shining, too.) Everybody’s got some freaky tendencies, and she’s got a lot on her dirty mind–a dark, salacious orgy of naked bodies and limbs, to be exact.

Von Teese simply oozes sensuality throughout: She makes cracking an egg look like foreplay, and a pesky mosquito’s bite look like an orgasmic delight. She performs brilliantly here as both the breathy chanteuse and the sex-starved buxom beauty yearning to fulfill her dirty desires on screen. More, more, more!

Everything about this video is the epitome of perfection. Total anihilation, indeed!

“Disintegration (feat. Dita Von Teese)” was released on January 14. (iTunes)