madonna mdna tour

Behold: She is coming soon.

When she hasn’t been working on her #secretproject with Steven Klein and getting chummy with Frank Ocean, Katy Perry and Sky Ferreira at the MET Gala (and showing up everyone in the building by actually knowing the definition of “punk”), Madonna has been working her minions to the bone preparing her upcoming MDNA Tour DVD, which was filmed in Miami last year—and it’s all finally coming together.

Much like Britney‘s Femme Fatale Tour premiere in 2011, the Queen of Everything will be debuting her long-awaited MDNA Tour concert footage on EPIX on June 22 at 8 PM.

Above is the concert poster featuring MDNA in “Girl Gone Wild” mode, complete with an all-too fitting tagline: “All hail the Queen.” A-fucking-men.

There’s been no trailer released just yet, however a tiny snippet of official footage from the show premiered during an interview with Madonna’s trainer on Good Morning America in February.

And speaking of touring, did you know she’s about to be honored as the Top Touring Artist at the Billboard Music Awards next week?

Get ready to give her all your L-U-V all over again.