Bite-Size Hard Candy

QUICK. Run over to this site and listen to thirty second previews of EVERY song on the new Madonna album, Hard Candy, NOW.

For as long as it lasts, a YouTube video with all of the clips included has been uploaded.

They’re nothing as I imagined. Each song is quite modern and interesting. Most importantly, the vocal work seems to be at a higher priority than it was on Confessions On A Dance Floor. I’m deeply intrigued. Bring on the proper release!

Click on for partial thoughts and scattered ideas on each track.

“Candy Shop”
Leaked months ago, still in the same form, a bit lacking and yet somehow fulfilling enough in the long run. I actually really enjoy this song now, despite its lack of a Madonna brand of excellence.

“4 Minutes”

“Give It 2 Me”
A swanky little synth fest, jumping in between raving trance joyousness. Like a swinging lounge tune infused with a little ecstasy. Sounds like heaven.

Despite a very expected Timbaland stumbling beat, various electronica pulsations are wonderfully melted on top. And for once, it’s the vocals that are the main highlight here, rich and unique…a rare twist of events for Lady M-Dolla.

“Miles Away”
No different than what we’ve heard already. I desperately need this in full format. Lusciously enveloping and truly winning.

“She’s Not Me”
Prior reviews have already described this as a major bitch fest. It’s six minutes long, so I have no place to deny it, but so far it sounds like a grooving little kiss-off track riding on top of a funkified guitar riff. Very Lenny Kravitz.

This could be a bit of a shit show in full, unfortunately. I’m not sure what the hell this is going on about, but there’s too much happening. I can’t deal with “life is beautiful” lyrics on top of a disconnected thump-a-thump, on top of a piano melody.

“Beat Goes On”
Beep, beep, toot toot, get your freak on! I knew it sounded familiar. “Bad Girls” by Donna Summer, anyone? Maybe I’ve just got the the Summer on the brain. It’s every club friendly Madonna song, repackaged with pretty little ’70’s ting-a-lings and a modern bass.

“Dance 2Night”
Sort of like an extra candy coated “Candy Shop,” with a pimp cane and ruffled feathers.

“Spanish Lessons”
Oof, it’s like hearing her try to climb a vocal mountain, falling off the edge each time. The spoken word’s a bit more promising, but it’s too soon to tell. Rather similar to Gwen‘s latest concoctions.

“Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You”
There we go. Taking the tempo down a bit. Stripping down the production, making the beat matter and increasing a song’s depth: Mature, sophisticated, ethereal pop. This is what I’m talking about. This is what we here at MuuMuse strive for: pure, pop, perfection.

Too soon to tell.

Thank God…

Thank God…

Britney+Larry+Recording Studio= YESTERDAY

Don’t Tell ‘Em What You Know About Me…

Don’t Tell ‘Em What You Know About Me…

Alas, my latest Swedish delight to stumble upon!

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