Daily B: Britney’s Recording A Song “4 All My Boys” — But Which Boys?

Britney Spears

The Britney news just keeps on keepin’ on till the world ends.

Earlier this morning, William Orbit started stanning out all over Twitter about working on some new cuts for the Holy Spearit with Naughty Boy. Then he did it again this afternoon, this time with “Everything Is Embarrassing” mastermind Dev Hynes. (Um, someone hold (it against) me, please.)

Growing tired of fuckin’ waiting for Larry to get the fireworks working, Britney decided to jump on Twitter and say a thing too.

And so the Godney did tweet:

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 6.19.05 PM

WHAT?! So many questions, so few answers: Why is “#Recording” hashtagged? What’s the “4” for? Is it an allusion to “I’m A Slave 4 U,” or subtle Beyoncé shade of some kind? And, most importantly — which boys?!

+ All her Southern boys out there?
+ Them city boys from New York?
+ Her dirty rock boys?
+ The couple of boys to grab and go at a freakshow?
+ The boys begging to If U Seek Amy?
+ The bad boys with tainted hearts?
+ The boys getting a seat so they can talk sweet to B?
+ The boys she gets ’cause that’s how she lives and that’s her prerogative?
+ The good boys that will make love together with the good little girls?
+ The boys trying to front?
+ The ones up in the club wotchin’ os?

Or…is it a sequel to “Boys”?


Look, it’s been a few years, and a girl still just needs one. So go grab Pharrell — hell, grab Austin Powers too! — and let’s return to that gorgeous castle and get nasty all over again. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

Or…is it for her actual boys, JJ and Sean Preston?

Mmm, nah. She already tweeted that before — that’s what “Ooh La La” is for!

Or…is it for all her ex-boys?


Or…is this a song for all her gay boys?


It’s about time. Technically speaking, every song Britney Spears has ever recorded since 1998 is dedicated to her gay boys — but never have we been explicitly singled out. How ’bout a sequel to “Radar” called “Grindr”? We all know that Britney likes to get down with 3P (whatever the hell that means), so maybe she’s also in the market for some #masc4masc no fats, no femmes NSA DDF #lotuspromo fun! Or, perhaps a re-imagining of a classic, like “I’m Not A Twink, Not Yet A Bear” or “I’m A Bottom 4 U.”

There are lots of boys in Queen B’s life, so no one can be too sure just yet. But whoever the song’s dedicated to, we already know it’s going to be legendary, game-changing and iconic.

Oh, and don’t be pressed ladies: You already got “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman,” “Girl In The Mirror” and “Brave New Girl.”


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