William Orbit doesn’t really wanna be a tease…but would you favorite his tweets, please?

Last week, we learned that the Ray Of Light mastermind was about to get in the zone, hitting the studio with Queen B and Emeli Sandé hitmaker Naughty Boy to produce tracks for Blackout 2.0: It Gets Urbaner (And Also More Spearitual).

And now, that’s all he seems to be talking about on the Twitter. From earlier today…

William Orbit Naughty Boy

What a stan!

Let us now join hands and pray. Pray for the second coming of Ray of Light. Give unto us our very own Spearitual reawakening, and let us hear “To Have And Not To Hold It Against Me,” “Sky Fits Heaven On Earth,” and “Candy Circus Fantasy Perfume Girl.”

But it’s not just Orbit! Every producer submitting songs for the new record is buzzin’ with bombastic love: DJ Replay, one of the new producers Jean Baptiste revealed back in April, tweeted yesterday: “Britney is back!!!! Although, she never left!” and “Madonna will always be the be the Queen, but Brit is the Princess. Her music is beyond amazing, and I can’t wait for the world to hear it!”

So, just to translate: All the boys and all the girls are very much still begging to If U Seek Amy.