Diplo, Not-At-All-Hard-To-Look-At DJ/Producer Extraordinare, has evidently picked up a lesson or two in The Art Of The Tease from #UnapologeticBitch and Empress Of Bathroom Selfies, Madonna.

As we already know, the Major Lazer twerk commander has been holed up in the studio with M working on the follow-up to 2012’s MDNA. And now, the first taste of their sessions together has come to see the light of day.

Last night, on Annie Mac‘s new Superstar DJs TV series, Diplo dropped a dubplate of Madonna’s iconic “La Isla Bonita.” And, wait…wait for it…



“This took a long, hard conversation to get this to work,” Diplo explains of the rework before we hear The Holy Madge’s iconic vocals drop.

“Conversation”? Cut to the two wrestling down to the floor in the studio, as Madonna pulls Diplo up in a chokehold and forces him to appear in one selfie and attend at least one Kabbalah course in time for Yom Kippur in exchange for the shout-out.

So, that’s it. That little bit. But still: New vocals from the actual Queen Of Everything in 2014.

Is your body able to even?