Jessie Ware is not playing around with Album 2, that’s for damn sure.

After the debut of her stunning lead single and title track “Tough Love” in June (which is, mercifully, finally available in the US), the soulful UK chanteuse has returned with another delicate serving from her upcoming sophomore effort.

“Share It All” is a Tough Love deluxe track according to Pitchfork, co-penned with the xx‘s Romy Madley-Croft and produced by constant collaborator, Julio Bashmore.

The collaborative influences are immediately clear: That lonesome guitar strums scream (the) xx, while the gentle electronic pulsations recalls Bashmore’s Devotion work. And, as always, there’s a lingering hint of Sade. “Could you share it all with me, and I’ll share it all with you?” Jessie near-whispers across the intimate, inviting production.

It’s a sensuous sonic escape fit for some luxuriating…or baby-making. Maybe a bit of both.

“Tough Love” was released on July 22. (iTunes)