You all remember John Newman, right?

He’s the incredibly talented UK soul-pop crooner who gave us some truly killer cuts late last year, including “Love Me Again,” “Cheating” and, my personal favorite, “Losing Sleep.” For whatever reason (blame it on Sam Smith mania across the globe?), he got a bit swept under the pop carpet by the time 2014 rolled around.

Luckily, it sounds like John’s about to get a second shot at international superstardom.

Superstar DJ-producer Calvin Harris recruited the young belter to provide his piercing chops on his latest dance floor anthem, “Blame,” which just premiered this morning…and damn. It’s another killer club choon!

“Guilt is burning/Inside I’m hurting/This aint a feeling I can keep/So blame it on the night…don’t blame it on me!” the singer quiveringly urges before the track dips into a dizzying, explosive beat breakdown. Though it’s not a particularly revolutionary song as far as the beats are concerned (ahoy, EDM festival-goers!), Newman’s impressively devastating emotional delivery surely makes this one to remember.

Also, is this song the equivalent of a Rita Ora subtweet? One may never know.

“Blame” will be released on September 7. (iTunes)