Daily B: And The Next Single Is…



Are you quite serious right now? “Radar”? What do you think this is, Larry Rudolph…2007? Even though I’m a firm believer that “Radar” should be a Britney classic (as it were, most people already know the song because it’s so instant), never would I recommend it as a single NOW! Hearing it on the radio is going to feel so strange…how utterly bass-ackwards (although I did just feel a tingle of excitement at the idea of a proper video!).

Then again, it does make sense. After all, Bloodshy & Avant were promised it would be a single–that’s why it wound up on Circus after that promise went unfulfilled for Blackout. This is just business as usual, I suppose…BUT STILL.

It’ll probably chart well.

DL: Britney Spears – Radar

Click below to purchase “Radar” NOW!
Britney Spears - Circus - Radar

Space Cowboy, Just Play That Track…

Space Cowboy, Just Play That Track…

Space Cowboy, perhaps best known for being the official DJ/slave bitch of Lady

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