When it comes to the blessed mane of Godney, maintaining a single look for more than a few weeks has never really been The Holy Spearit’s style. Devoted stans know the general ebb and flow of the locks: When she freshens up to her signature blonde, she’s handlin’ her business (REFERENCE). When she goes chocolate brown, she’s getting all vibey and feeling her oats. And when she goes black(out) or pink, things get a little…rebellious — and certainly more urban.

She’s given us colorful tips before, but never before has Britney gone all out as she has with her latest, left-lane look. And, as it turns out, this particular brand of B is on fi-yah.

After slipping away to The Philippines Hawaii and acquiring purple tips on vacation with her family, Brit Brit has since upped the ante, giving us multicolor hues on #trend with the very #fleek mermaid look (as loved by Queen Of Estonia And Moonchildren, Kerli) — not only because it is Cool, Interesting And Fun, but likely because it doubles as a subtle REFERENCE to the community by our tireless LGBTQ warrior.

But even more impressive than the locks? Her moves! Brit’s back on stage at Piece Of Me for the next few weeks, and — along with adding “Pretty Girls” (just go with it), some tiny dance break tweaks and turning the “Slave”/”Freakshow” section outfit into a seriously sexy, skimpy lil’ number — she’s undeniably serving more unfff than usual.


The arms are whipping, the hair is flipping and Brit’s bodeh is looking positively ache-worthy — a 20 out of 10, according to most scientific measures.

She’s even been conjuring a cooler, funkier crowd with her magical new hair, including fans like Skrillex and Jeremy Scott. (Britney did basically invent dub-pop with “Hold It Against Me,” after all — it would only make sense that Skrillex is a diehard stan.)

Who could have ever predicted the debut of Rainbowney in 2015?

Then again, this event was actually prophesied many moons ago…

“When you let go
Of all you’ve known
The butterflies fly
And you will see the rainbows…”

— Psalms of Blackout: The Unreleased Sessions, Book of Godney 13:24

Britney Hair Flip Rainbow