Will Someone Please Tell Madonna To RT This “Devil Pray” Remix For Brazil?

A Brazilian remixer took out an ad in a newspaper to try and get the Queen Of Pop’s attention. Listen up, Madge!

Keep Calm And Come To Brazil

The Brazilians are a deeply passionate people, to say the absolute least. And whether you’re a rising pop starlet or a stadium-filling superstar, you should already know that they are a — nay, the most crucial demographic to win. (Yes, even before The Gays.)

Why? Have you seen the Brazilian fan accounts on Twitter? Do you see those comments with all those likes on on Facebook and YouTube? Their loyalty knows no bounds — but you must prove yourself worthy first.

How? It’s simple, really: #RTForBrazil.

That’s right: You must RT for Brazil. #ComeToBrazil would be much higher on the list of priorities obviously, but logistically, it’s not always possible. Therefore, the very least you can do to show your support is throw a RT for Brazil.

So, then.  Madonna, Queen Of Pop? This is a direct message to you: You must RT this Brazilian.

Above is an actual ad, allegedly placed in the LA Times this week by an 18-year-old Brazilian remixer named Nick Deboni. 

Here’s what we now know about Nick Deboni:

– He published this ad to reach Madonna, Queen of Pop.
– He has done a remix of Rebel Heart glue-sniffing anthem, “Devil Pray.”
– He would like Madonna to approve it personally — presumably with a RT.
– He is from Rio de Janeiro.
– He loves Madonna’s songs!
– He loves a good snapback, too.

“PS: I am by my self,” he adds, which also happens to hit way too close to home for a remix proposal. Me too, Nick Deboni. Me too.

The remix itself really is a proper dance floor corker, and he’s racked up nearly 65,000 listens on the tune in less than a week — no doubt largely due to this highly influential newspaper placement.

So, MADGE — Empress Of Instagram, Freer Of The Nipple, and Queen Of Literally Everything — HEAR OUR (LIKE A) PRAYER: GIVE NICK DEBONI A CHANCE. Release “Devil Pray” as a single! And then include this remix on the EP! #ApproveMadonna! #SecretProjectRevolution! #RTForBrazil!

Besides, you will definitely find a sexy new Brazilian flavor of the week by doing so. Win win!


Thank you to Muuser Parker for this most incredible find.

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