But My Darling…

Utada Hikaru, Japanese pop star and future bearer of my babies, is releasing a new single entitled “HEART STATION” in February 2008. The song, “Stay Gold,” will be featured on the single. Recently, previews of the song have been popping up from ringtone websites in Japan. Even though Utada’s momentum has slowed in recent releases, I believe this one’s got potential. It’s got such an intimate, classic flow that reminds me of her very first R&B-tinged releases. Very warm sound…I really enjoy what I’m hearing so far! Click the YouTube link to listen to the 1:30 sample.

And you, what do you think?



Funky beats and electric ticks…that’s the first thought that comes

Jamie-Lynn: The Saga Continues

Jamie-Lynn: The Saga Continues

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