Jamie-Lynn: The Saga Continues

Apparently, Nickelodeon is taking the teen pregnancy special idea seriously. According to the Associated Press, Linda Ellerbee (Remember her from Nick News? No, I used to change the channel when it came on too, but I knew her face) thinks it’s important to address the issue.

Many of our feelings may be best expressed from a child’s perspective. Look at what Rosie O’Donnell (and her daughter) had to say from her blog. WARNING: Cryptic Rosie dialogue approaches:

KC writes:
AS a celeb & mom what do U think Nick should do about Zoey 101? UR kids dont watch tv, but will they hear about this?

here is how it went

mama u know the lady with the umbrella
and no hair
here sister is a teenager and she is having twin babies

and what do u think about that chels

teenagers can have babies?

yes they can
and it is never a good idea

well she said
y didnt she take pills that make u not have a baby


And you, what do you think?

But My Darling…

But My Darling…

Utada Hikaru, Japanese pop star and future bearer of my babies, is releasing a

Gifted all natural at bursting the seams.

Gifted all natural at bursting the seams.

I’ve got a song in my head, which will be a common theme for this blog

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