On this merriest of eves, I would like to introduce another unknown artist that deserves recognition. Paris,(not the spoiled one), is a group from Sweden. They make music. It’s rather delightful. I don’t remember how I found them, but all I know is that their music is primarily sold from their online website, which is in Swedish. Helpful. They’re really hard to find.

Anyway, their sound is similar to transporting the Cardigans into the 1980’s with a Casio keyboard and few glasses of wine. Take a moment to enjoy their songs, “Millions of Tears,” and “You And I.” “Millions of Tears” features a direct sample from my old Casio keyboard, so it made me all tingly when I heard it first. It still does, but that’s only because it sounds like baby kittens dying. Seriously though, it’s an absolutely beautiful song. “You and I” is a sweeping rock-ier number, but the vocals are equally beautiful.

Enjoy, and please support Paris buy buying Secrets on Tape!

And you, what do you think?

Meat Pies!

Meat Pies!

Just got back from a screening of Sweeney Todd

Close to touch like Michelangelo.

Close to touch like Michelangelo.

Good evenin’, fellow bloggers and blogettes!

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