Attack of the Laker Girl

Paula Abdul’s music career can be quickly likened to a brief twinkle of light in the late ’80’s to early ’90’s, followed by a massive imploding supernova of failure sucking all life-matter within. The nicey-nice judge on American Idol and seducer (FINE, alleged seducer) of male contestants has recently decided to flip the tables and start receiving the judgment herself. Oh, you heard me right. She’s decided to grace us with a “comeback” of sorts. And now, it’s official. Today, a short snippet leaked on the Internets. And now, the full radio rip has been leaked, thanks to ENVVY forums. It’s sort of like “Stay Right” intermingling with Britney’s “Piece Of Me,” yet maintains the dancibility of neither song. Though I have to say, it’s far from awful. In fact, it’s fairly listenable throwaway dance-pop. Except, it kind of goes nowhere. So it kind of sucks. Anyway, listen below!

DL: Paula Abdul – Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

Just do us all a favor and don’t perform at the Superbowl, no matter how listenable your new track may be. It’s for your safety and our happiness.

SOURCE: TMZ, EnvvyCommunity

A Taste of Korea…Kind Of.

A Taste of Korea…Kind Of.

Alright, just a quick little ditty before I journey off into slumber

Diggity Do

Diggity Do


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