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GREAT NEWS EVERYONE. Danity Kane is coming back with a second release this year. Danity wha? You remember..they’re the ones who won Making the Band 3. Remember “Showstopper?” Me either. But their album had about three amazing songs, so I’m throwing them the tiniest morsel of a bone.

Anyway, I know everyone is really excited, so I’ll just cut to the chase. Da Band–oh wait, that’s another failed Diddy project–Danity Kane has posted these two songs on their website, asking their fans (questionable assumption) to choose their next lead single. And so, I shall judge accordingly.

First up is “Pretty Boy,” produced by Danja. I literally forgot that the song was still playing while I was browsing the Internet, so I’ll let you interpret how much I enjoyed the track. The beginning sounds like they all tried their hands at improvisational rapping at the mic, and the results were something of an off-beat train wreck. It’s a dangerous mess of sound, trying too hard to incorporate ’90’s dance and record-scratch electro sounds. It’s an absolute skipper.

“Damaged” was already better after the first second. After ten seconds, it was officially the clear winner. With a whole lot of Furtado’s “Maneater” and a lack of pretentious ad-libbing, the song finally travels to where Danity needs to be taken. Watch for the rather infectious vocal skipping and lyrical repetition. It’s nowhere near where it needs to be as far as production is concerned, but for the Diddy-dissed band destined for failure, this group has the potential to stay around for a little bit longer. Hell, I even considered listening to this for a second time. By the way, I’m still amused by the song’s sheer bluntness as the girls openly reveal that they’re damaged goods. It’s brilliant.

Okay, now you decide. P.S. I converted them from .asf to .mp3, so be thankful you greedy bastards. Well, it only took a few seconds, but still. Admire me.

DL: Danity Kane – Pretty Boy
DL: Danity Kane – Damaged

Source: Envvy

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