Daily B: Compilation of Today’s Events

It’s funny how much can happen in only a day’s time. The situation in this case…not as funny.

Britney Spears has been admitted into psychiatric ward over at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles for almost a full day. As of right now, Britney is in good health and spirits, at least for the moment. The entire process that broke out last night was apparently orchestrated by Spears’ family. All the events, including the police choppers, barricades, and motorcycle motorcades, were planned out prior to the event according to People magazine. There was a fear that she would attempt to flee with one of her many boyfriend/paparazzo scums, so the situation was covered from all angles. With nowhere to run, Britney obliged and checked into the medical center.

Sadly, the backbone of this intervention seems to be crumbling more than ever, as the bickering begins to go public. Sam has gone on record regarding his feud with the family in a text message to Access Hollywood saying: “Her mother is not someone who cares about her daughter, she’s only concerned with herself. Sad but true. She was too busy getting a manicure to come over yesterday, despite her daughters (sic) pleas. Sad, very sad.” Reports from X17 as well as other news outlets claim that Lynne is highly suspicious of Britney’s newfound friend, Sam, and his intentions. Don’t forget that somewhere in the mix, Adnan is also involved.

After the 72-hour review that is to take place, as well as possible further analysis, there is some debate as to what will be done next. Lynne would like to bring Britney back home, according to Britney’s lawyer, Michael Flannagan, “Lynne is extremely concerned for her daughter and would like to take Britney back home to Louisiana and get her out of Hollywood.” On the flip side, Sam and Co. probably have other plans. The fact of the matter is that Britney is still unbalanced mentally, as it has almost fully been confirmed that she does have bipolar syndrome. It’s evident that she does not have her emotions in balance, and any decision she does make may be made during another one of her manic episodes that we’ve all seen.

I know that I just want her to be stable again. I don’t know what or who that requires to do the job, but someone must step in for her when she is no longer able to defend or control herself. Maybe Sam is right, and he’s doing what’s best (doubtful). I still believe in the goodness of her family, but I can’t help but remain doubtful. Fame may have tainted the family’s relationship beyond repair. Despite all of this, Britney is where she needs to be right now and is currently getting the medical attention necessary for her own good. I’m rooting for you, darling.

By the way, check out this report that was published after Mariah Carey’s infamous breakdown. Similarities galore. Perhaps Britney too will rise from all this as Carey did. Inspiration, perhaps?

Source: People, TMZ, X17, BMK, PageSix

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