Possible Upcoming Single?

Sources have claimed that Britney’s latest single will be “Break The Ice.” Despite my doubt, a new scan has surfaced on the StarsVIP forums, courtesy of BMK. Granted, this could be fake, but the detailing is pretty specific. Additionally, a radio rip and instrumental leaked today, suggesting that this is truly the upcoming release. Regardless, she’s not ready for anything promotion wise, but if I had to choose, “Break The Ice” would be by far the least ironic single to release. “Hot As Ice” is riddled with pompous lyrics that could only be sung by the healthiest, tip-toppiest of shape entertainer. Not now, but soon…

Daily B: Compilation of Today’s Events

Daily B: Compilation of Today’s Events

It’s funny how much can happen in only a day’s time

Hips Don’t Lie

Hips Don’t Lie

There’s been some talk of the Hawaiian Chair

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