Grab your space helmets, children!

…’cause we’re gearing up for an intergalactic, jam fest with the one and only Janet Jackson in a preview clip for her new single, “Feedback.” YEEEEE-HAW! Watch as Ms. Jackson-if-ya-nasty dances with evil motorcycle alien-cyborgs, shakes her weave Beyonciliously, freefalls into a waterfall of glitter, and jumps into an illuminious universe of GOO!!!! And that’s only the first thirty seconds! The full video is to premiere today. I can barely contain my excitement. I just hope those 1997-era special effects keep hitting as hard as they do in this clip!

I want to know the creative director responsible for this gold mine.

And you, what do you think?

One of My Favorites: Télépopmusik

One of My Favorites: Télépopmusik

Slow news day, no?



If you’ve been following the increasingly ridiculous teasers and previews

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