One of My Favorites: Télépopmusik

Slow news day, no?

Well then, I suppose that calls for one of my obligatory favorites posts. Télépopmusik is yet another group you hear on almost every commercial in existance. The band’s core has gone through some reshuffling a few times, but the core remains the same for the time being: Fabrice Dumont, 2square, and Antipop, all of whom have their own solo projects to attend to. As a result, the delayed third album is still in production for this year (I pray).

These musicians share a love of all things electronic, and their work proudly speaks for their acheivements in raw, creative music. From “Breathe,” their arguably most infamous track, to the awe-inducing, sweeping tracks like “Don’t Look Back” and “Stop Running Away” from Angel Milk, Télépopmusik has been at the forefront of my most played albums list every year. Their style is varied; their lyrics equally eclectic. Helped in part due to an ever-shuffling roster of guest vocals per track (Angela McCluskey is a particular stand-out vocalist), the band is cemented in unpredictability; I never know what to expect next from them. I eagerly await their third effort, though I know it will be thoroughly breathtaking once again. Oh yeah, and any band with a dancing panda on the cover is guaranteed the title of “perfection” by my standards. Take that as you will.

DL: Telepopmusik – Breathe (featuring Angela McCluskey)
“Love Can Damage Your Health”

One of my favorites, “Into Everything”:

Buy Telepopmusik’s Genetic World and Angel Milk at Amazon.

By the way, I still can’t stop thinking about blinking.
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Daily B: In A Tizzy

Daily B: In A Tizzy

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Grab your space helmets, children!

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