I’m The…Other One.

This is rather disappointing, indeed. It seems that Kylie’s “The One,” is not an original track, but rather a re-working of an older track called “I’m The One” released in 2006 by Laid featuring Emma. And though Emma is featured as a writer for the track in the booklet notes, it’s nonetheless disappointing that the track was not referred to. The song’s lyrics are different in the verses, but the throbbing beat and chorus are clearly identical. Is Kylie’s better? Yes, worlds better, but this is also quite lovely.

DL: Laid ft. Emma – I’m The One

Source: supes77 at Kylie.Com forums

And you, what do you think?

Off and On and Off and On

Off and On and Off and On

Oh my GOD

Someone take away the markers.

Someone take away the markers.

I almost forgot, Sia’s album Some People Have Real Problems came out two

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