Revenge Of The Cats

Whenever America’s obsession with fame starts to take a slight dip in society’s line of sight, you can always count on the Vaginakitten Mannequins Pussycat Dolls to come charging at us headfirst with a fist full of sass, asses full of class, and not-so-subliminal messages promoting the strive for fame and fortune like no one’s business. So it comes as no surprise that the latest video for their single “When I Grow Up” is a four minute whirlwind of non-stop choreography, glamorous lollygagging around town, and full on half-boob exposure.

Seriously though, this here’s one fun little trip. Sure, there’s no Brit-Brit cameo after all–not that surprised. I’m guessing the director/editor either felt she would take away from the main stars of the video, or the scene was just deemed unnecessary. Maybe she was picking her nose while the camera was rolling. Whatever. The outfits are blazing hot (I’m guessing Technicolor was used–wave of the future), and their bodies are, if you will, poppin’.

In group morale related news, I’m glad the girls have all come to a mutual understanding that Nicole Schurdinflabursteinzinger will be taking the lead of this pussy pack from now on…there was no doubt in the video. Also love the fact that the ginger member of PCD wasn’t even facially featured until around two minutes in. Come on now! Somewhere, a certain Nicola is crying tears of understanding.

So watch the video for yourselves, and realize that this is how you produce a comeback single/video. Check it out here on MTV for full, glorious high quality footage.

Eh, Eh.

Eh, Eh.

Missy Elliot‘s been cooking up something new for years it seems

Urban Outfitter’s Wet Dream

Urban Outfitter’s Wet Dream

Oh, why look–it’s a gaggle of trendy artists!

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