Less Gyrating, More Song

One of the new PV’s for Koda Kumi’s album track “Amai Wana” from her new album Kingdom. The song is like a mid-tempo Indian-flavor tinged R&B shaker. I don’t quite know why, but I like both the video and the song. I think its because I’ve been so overstimulated with the over-gyrating lady parts and barely-there outfits in her latest videos that watching her stay still for a moment is a bit of a rare treat. She’s definitely not for everyone, but she’s been one of the most popular acts in Japan for the past few years. Certainly nothing deep about her music, just some fun to be had. Her voice grates on most people, but I quite like it. It disguises her lack of range quite well. I don’t know how long the video will last, as Avex is sort of hell-bent on never allowing their artist’s music videos to be played on YouTube. Anyway, watch above.

Like A First Day Period…

Like A First Day Period…

Janet’s album cover for upcoming album, Discipline

Kylie Speaks Out

Kylie Speaks Out

Thanks to littledog334 on the SayHey forums, I’ve got the full HQ scans of

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