Princess RiRi just performed a medley of all three smash hit singles from her latest album, LOUD during her tonight’s BRIT Awards 2011 in London.

Kicking off with her killer lead single, “Only Girl (In The World),” the Bajan sensation twirled her way across the deep blue stage in a fabulously chic red dress, working every inch of the floor before disappearing behind the string curtains. The smoke! The shadows! The posing! So, so delicious.

In nearly the same instant, the song suddenly burst into Ri’s bossy “S&M,” as the singer crept out from behind the strings in a bold, sexy new black number, her assets prominently displayed. Ri slowly worked her way down the catwalk with her group of BDSM bandits in tow, as glitter dropped from the sky and green, rave-y laser lights shot out across the venue in every direction.

Then, with a quick blare of an air horn, the song switched up for a third and final time as the familiar Caribbean sway of “What’s My Name?” came booming overhead. Cue a massive roaring fire, tribal spacemen and all that’s in between, and you’ve got yourself the performance of the night by a true pop star.

The only moment that would trump Ri’s performance came later in the show when Britain’s sweetheart/X Factor judge Cheryl Cole announced Rihanna as the winner of the Best International Female award.

Hearing this, RiRi confidently bounded to the stage while singing her own song…




Question: When will that Rihanna reign let up? Answer: NEVER.