As I patiently await Britney’s fate, I decided that I needed to turn to calming music to make the time pass by. It’s either that or the happy pills. Right now, I’m sticking with music.

I don’t think I’ve ever formally introduced you to Lorraine. Consider yourselves acquainted.

I love Lorraine. They contribute to the popular hypothesis I maintain that all music from Sweden and Norway is perfect. Their music is almost other-worldly in nature. The three-piece band from Norway incorporates the beats and sounds of the dark-synth pop of the ’80’s such as New Order and Depeche Mode, and produces something entirely fresh and modern. More amazingly: The guitarist, Anders Winsents, won the gold medal for the Scandinavian Speed Walking competition. Are you sold yet? Because I am.

“I Feel It,” the single I discovered a year ago through PopJustice, is an incredibly uplifting and contemplative track. The subtle electronic beats engulfed by the gently strumming rocky beats make the track epic in some ways. Their other tracks, such as “Italian Girlfriend” and the newly released “Saved” elicit the same atmospheric, moody electro-rock aura. The beats sound dated, but collectively the music is before its time, making this a truly haunting experience…I can’t wait for their album, which should be coming later this year. Click below to watch their video for “I Feel It.”

Please support Lorraine by buying their latest single, Saved at Amazon.

Britney Rushed to Hospital after Custody Dispute

Britney Rushed to Hospital after Custody Dispute


Calming Music Part Deux – Goldfrapp

Calming Music Part Deux – Goldfrapp

Seventh Tree, Goldfrapp’s fourth studio album, is being released in

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